the game.

This is a small taste of pain. Nothing more.


From it’s Master:

Ok it has two tasks for tonight.

One: I want it to use its own mind, do a video, 2 minutes long for me of you. Trying to make amends. I will not tell slave what I want. I what you to think and do something for me it would think I like.

Two: Play Skyrim for 1-2 hours. Count how many times it dies. If none, excellent, you will get a reward.

If you do die in the game and how many times (e.g. 5). Tomorrow you are to go to work. Take your panties off at work and you will attach a bulldog or office clip to each cunt lip and one on your clit. One pic is sufficient. Here is where the amount of times you died come in. Each death is 1 minute…. Die 5 times… 5 minutes.

This is a small taste of pain. Nothing more.

Take them off afterwards and sit in your wetness and let me know how it felt.

The day before it had done well and while it was not allowed to have sex with it’s husband as it’s husband rejected it when it was instructed to ask him.  It did not find itself alone that night so it could not climax.  It waited until the morning.  It knew better, but it convinced itself to do it anyway.  As Master so eloquently put it, it was still thinking with it’s clit.

When it’s Master lambasted it, it got defensive immediately.  It is far less used to not having control than it has always fancied. It is one thing to submit at it’s whim.  It is another entirely to submit because it must– because it is compelled to do so.  It has not experienced that before.

There is a certain element of control in being submissive.  At least, that is what it has always experienced.  When He said, “Minx, if you want to just cum and not feel the need for permission and just to be some man’s slut.  Go ahead.  That’s not me or what I have to offer.”…  it’s heart sank.  It went to the place it  always goes.  Defensiveness, anger, petulance. It tries very hard not to show those traits, but it is how it protects itself.  

He did not leave it, though.  He did not drop it. 

Instead, He gave it a chance at redemption as outlined above.

it is not worthy of it’s Master, but He keeps it anyway.  It is not sure what to do with that.

As an aside, it did not die. 😉



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