His Rules

General Rules – Updated 29 Jan., 2017

  1. Slave is property of her Master and will always conduct itself in a manner that will honor Master’s name.
    2. Slave is to always address Master as Sir or Master.
    3. Slave must be loyal, honest, thoughtful to it’s Master
    4. Slave is to wear what it’s Master asks when required
    5. Slave shall have no body hair except above the shoulders and arms.
    6. Slave shall never alter physical appearance without Master’s permission.
    7. Slave must always look after itself.
    8. Slave may not touch or masturbate unless otherwise ordered by Master.
    9. Slave will never penetrate fuck holes without Master’s permission.
    10. Slave will never cum without Master’s permission.
    11. Slave will never refer to itself as “me” or “myself” or “mine”, slave is to refer itself as it or toy.
    12. Slave will no longer talk to any Doms without permission
    13. Slave is allowed to cum 3 times per week with Master’s permission. If no permission is given, tough.
    14. Slave will edge once every morning before getting up
    15. Slave will try its utmost to please it’s Master no matter what
Panel 1

About His slave.

I am His slave

I have no illusions that I am different than any number of others He has owned.

I am confident.

I am not weak.

I will make Him proud of His ownership of me.

This is a game for some.  It has become a way of existing for me.

Panel 2

Contact His slave.